Please enter the below issues in the units as mentioned.

Borewellin no.
Open wellin no.
Extension of pipelinein Meters
OHSRin Liters
Drainin Meters
Electrification of villagein KM
Street lightin no.
New polesin no.
GCC DR Depotno. of ST Cards
AW Centerno. of ST Children
Acquisition of burial ground landin Acres
Pathway to burial groundin Meters
SC Community hallin sft
Minor irrigation tankno. of works
CC Internal roadsin Meters

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      Indiramma Kalalu - a dream come true is the formal launch of the SCSP/TSP annual plan for 2013 which has been formulated under the newly enacted legislation namely the Scheduled Castes Sub Plan and Tribal Sub Plan (planning, allocation and utilization of financial resources) Act of 2013. The program envisages visits to all the SC/ST habitations to identify individual and community needs. The period commences from the birthday celebrations of Shri. Babu Jagjeevan Ram to the Birthday celebrations of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. However, being the first of its kind, the launch will continue until the end of April 2013.

      Under the Program, The District Administration will constitute Mandal/Municipal level teams under the overall supervision of a Nodal Officer, with all concerned officials to visit all the SC/ST habitations in all the Gram Panchayats in the Mandal. Thus all the tribal and scheduled caste habitations with sizeable population will be covered and have an extensive interaction with the SC/ST population and the Mandal/Municipal Team.

      The Team will gather its prioritized recommendation of community and individual needs in a village team report and upload it to this website. Sanctions will be given by the Minister in-Charge of the District during the month of May 2013. This will be the first time, that the nodal departments namely the social welfare and tribal welfare department will be responsible for the conduct of the program and administration of the SCSP and TSP funds respectively.

      The Indiramma Kalalu program envisages creating of the awareness of the SCSP/TSP act, and takes a direct feed back at individual and community needs. All needs are expected to be computerized and put up in a detailed MIS format on this website. Detailed instructions for the conduct of the program are being from time to time by the government.

      For detailed instructions and circulars issued on Indiramma Kalalu, visit apsocial welfare website

Exlanatory Notes

  1. Use codes for Mandal, GP and Habitation as is being used by the MNREG Program. The same has been incorporated in the MIS Reports on the apsocial welfare website
  2. Use User Id and login alloted to each MPDO to upload this village team report. In case of loss of password please email to for generation of one time password which will be sent to the registered mobile of the MPDO.
  3. Please ensure that each MPDO has secured his user_id and pw to ensure that the data entry is done at the end of the day
  4. Please enter if any elected representative was present during the interaction with the village by the MPDO team
  5. please note that 100% funding under SCSP/TSP is available only for habitations having SC/ST population of 40% or more as compared to the toal population of the habitation vide section 11(b). Where the population of SC/ST is less than 40%, funds in proportion to the SC/ST population of the habitation will be chargeable to the SCSP/TSP.
  6. Try to identify schemes under convergence with other ongoing schemes so as to optimise the scheme intervention through the subplan.
  7. Community hall will be considered only where Government land is available.
  8. Please identify government lands for burial grounds. Only where they are not available, proposals for LA should be made
  9. repairs to pipelines should be taken under normal program and not under SCSP
  10. beneficiary list of the pesnions under various categories should be entered on the SERP website after checking up if entries are already in the wait list or not.